Bonding Liquid

Sparcolux Bonding Liquid is an alkali resistant, high solids, clear binder that is both a sealer and primer used in penetrating and binding flaky, distemper or chalky surfaces.

Offering good penetration into absorbent and powedery surfaces, Sparcolux Bonding Liquid is suitable for bonding chalky surfaces, previously lime-ashed surfaces, chalky PVA surfaces or chalky cement roof tiles.

Typically, Bonding Liquid can be  used on interior or exterior masonry or plaster to provide a sound foundation for subsequent coats of emulsion or enamel paints.


Sparcolux Bonding Liquid is:


A penetrating Bonding Liquid that absorbs and binds lime wash, chalked or dis-tempered surfaces.


A Bonding Liquid that is suitable for binding lime-washed surfaces, chalky PVA surfaces, chalky cement tiles and chalky concrete surfaces.


Serves as a sealer and binder and can be used across numerous substrates.

Alkali resistant 

An alkali resistant Bonding Liquid that can be used on both interior and exterior masonry or plaster.

Easy to apply 

Ready for use with brush or roller.

DrumsBonding Liquid comes in the following pack sizes:  5Litres, 1 litres






1. NOT suitable as a primer for metal surfaces.

2. Surfaces must be dry before applying this material.