Etch Primer

Sparcolux Etch Primer is a fast drying quality primer used in the pre-treatment of new or newly cleaned metal surfaces including iron, steel and aluminium.

Offering excellent protection against rust and corrosion, Sparcolux Etch primer provides a great surface onto which subsequent primers and paints can be applied.

Typically, this fast drying primer can be coated with most finishes within 2 hours.

Etch Primer Steel

Sparcolux Etch Primer is:

A metal primer 

Offers good adhesion to metal surfaces including iron, steel, and aluminium

A plastics primer 

Offers good adhesion to PVC plastics


Rust and corrosion resistant Etch Primer offering excellent protection to painted surfaces.

Quick Drying

A quick drying Etch Primer allowing for rapid top coating.

A pre-teatment primer

Hardened pre-teatment Etch Primer providing good re-coating properties

Heat resistant

An Etch Primer offering heat resistance up to 80°C


Etch Primer comes in the following pack sizes: 25Litres, 5Litres, 1 litres

Choose from the following Colours

Etch Primer comes in following colours which are available off the shelf.

Red Oxide


1. Not designed for natural weathering; must be top-coated within 1 month.

2. Do not apply on unclean or rusty surfaces.