Decorative Paints

Regardless of surface type or the size of your decorative project, we have all the paint products you need from start to finish.

Simply select from the range of products below to find the paints you need:


primer-white-paint[1]Regardless of surface, preparation is critical to any painting project; equally important is using the correct first-coat.

Knowing whether you need a primer or an undercoat or even if you need a sealer, is the most important considerations you will make when undertaking a painting project, so it is important that you understand what the surface requirements are.

If you are uncertain about this, see our paint solutions section or contact us for professional advice and assistance.


emulsion-painting-wall[1]Otherwise known as PVA paints, Acrylic Paints or Emulsion Paints, we offer a wide range of top quality PVA Emulsion Paints to cater for any budget.

This water-based range of paints are available in a premium, high or contractors quality. With the ability to match your colour requirements across any of our seven product options, we have the Emulsion Paint you need.



enamel-painted-doorEnamels are oil based and remain unrivalled in offering both outstanding exterior and interior protection and an attractive glossy appearance.

Enamels are typically used on wood or metal surfaces, giving excellent weathering properties.



textured-painting[1]Our textured range of emulsion paints offers an excellent solution to either concealing surface imperfections or a textured finish.

These tough and flexible Acrylic Paints provide strong weathering properties and outstanding flexibility, and are available at the premium quality grade.




roof-painting[1]Regardless of the surface type we have the paint for your roof and flooring needs.

Available in a range of colours, our roof and stoep paints are durable, hard wearing and have excellent weathering properties.



wood-varnishing[1]If you are looking for a UV resistant varnish that offers outstanding weather protection for your timber, then look no further.

Our range of top quality varnishes and dressings cater for all your wood protection needs. These varnishes come in a range of popular colours.




paint-ancilliariesSee our range of ancillaries where you can find cleaners, degreasers, turpentine, thinners, road marking paints, and tennis court dressings to mention but a few.