Surface Preparation

Below, select the surface type that you are looking for further information on how best to prepare and paint:

 Painting the exterior

Exterior Walls

Covering  typical exterior wall surfaces including cement rendering and concrete brickwork

 Painting the interior walls

Interior Walls and Ceilings

Covers interior walls and ceilings and includes materials such as plaster, cement, concrete brickwork, wood chip and lining papers and similar materials

 Painting Metal Surfaces

Metal Surfaces 

While the preparation and priming of metals varies widely, there are some aspects that that have general application, all of which is covered in detail here.

 Painting building boards

Building Boards 

This describes the preparation and priming of the different types of boards and sheets in general use.

 Painting plastics

PVC plastic Surfaces

Here we look at the treatment and painting of PVC plastics found in general use.

 Painting wood surfaces

Wood Surfaces

Covers the preparation and priming of wood surfaces generally, followed by specific treatments depending on surface type and state.